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Damn it LJ, why you gotta constantly time out my Facebook crossposting option? I never notice it's happened, and then my FB feed goes radio silent for months. It's not like I'm super active on FB, but it is where my actual relatives hang out, so I kinda like them to know I haven't been kidnapped by Martians or something. Net security is as nothing in the face of my deep laziness!

I am within spitting distance of finishing "Little Sister." Hopefully I can get the last bit finished this week, and then go over the thing as a whole ruthlessly. Unlike most of my longer stories, I didn't outline this one extensively before starting to write it, and it took some unexpected turns along the way, so I want to make sure everything meshes correctly. Then I'll see if I can come up with something for Noel of Spike and Fag Ends' (Ends's?) farewell month.

We went over to the Tempe Art Fair yesterday, and Kathy finally bought the steampunk hat she's been lusting over for years. I chipped in half, and that's her Christmas present. We're trying to scale down this year -- I've been telling people that if they want to give me a present this year, send a donation to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood or one of the environmental or immigrant's rights organizations. They're gonna need it a hell of a lot more than I'm going to need another pair of earrings.

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Holiday Cards Redux

Let's try that again, actually screened this time!

Sign up to get 'em here! Replies are screened. If you have a particular religious/non-religious preference for greetings, let me know and I'll try to accommodate you!

Holiday cards!

Sign up to get 'em here! Replies are screened. If you have a particular religious/non-religious preference for greetings, let me know and I'll try to accommodate you!

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I just saw the notice that sb_fag_ends is closing up shop. I can't blame the mods for their decision; participation has been way, way down for the last couple of years, and I certainly haven't been contributing myself, so. But still, I'm all sad now. LJ Buffy fandom takes another step closer to its inevitable grave, alas. There's a couple of icon communities still going, and IWRY and Seasonal Spuffy, and... is Fantasmagorica still going, or did it close, too? I really think that's it. All that's left. There's still fandom activity going on over on Tumblr, and on some of the Spuffy archives, but... it's not the same.

Oh, and the Herald, but if all the other comms shut down, there's not gonna be much point in keeping that going. :/

In slightly brighter news, seasonal_spuffy has just wrapped up its most recent round, so for the love of Mike, if you haven't been over to check it out, go forth, read, and comment. We don't want this to be their last round, do we? No, we don't! GO NOW!

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Anyone feel like doing a quick beta on Part 10 of Little Sister? About 6k words.

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Latin Beta?

Would anyone have the time or inclination to do a quick beta on a dozen or so short lines of Latin? I don't trust Google Translate.

Long weekend

Starting with Thanksgiving with Kathy's local relatives, which I'm kinda dreading because her nephew and his wife are Trump supporters of the sort it's impossible to reason with. I'm going to try to just grit my teeth and keep quiet, but I keep running through scenarios in my head where they say something I just can't smile and nod about, and what do I do then? Ugh.

We're having our own dinner on Friday with Mom. She's going to be... God, ninety-five in February. She's in excellent health for her age (and considering the chronic illnesses she has) but I wonder how many more holidays I have left with her. Sigh. I visited her today and she had a fine time complaining to me about the people who clean her apartment.

I've been slowly, sloooooowly beating the first scene of POM Ch. 14 into shape, though I'm still not sure exactly what shape I'm aiming for. I have to bring the subplot about Xander and Anya to some kind of resolution, and I'm just winging it. I know they get over it somehow and stay together, but how that happens is a mystery to me. A big part of the problem is that up until this point, I haven't had occasion to do any Xander POV in POM, so I've got to get all his motivation out in one big glorp here, but I don't want it to be just a rehash of his canon insecurity about becoming his father.

Last Sunday we went to a meeting of local Pantsuit Nation people -- it was a group which started out as a Facebook group for Clinton supporters, and they're trying to transition it to real-world civic service and activism. The big problem is, it's HUGE, over three million members nationwide, over six thousand in Arizona. Eight hundred people showed up for the meeting. And it got so big so fast that there's been zero time for the admins to put any real structure in place, or work out how they're going to pay for anything, or any of that boring practical stuff. So they've got thousands of people demanding action RIGHT NOW and complaining that the admins haven't done this, that, or the other thing, and I hope the whole thing doesn't collapse of its own weight before it really gets off the ground.

I also went to the reorganization meeting for my local Congressional District, which was very interesting. Far fewer people there -- maybe fifty or sixty, and of those, at least one in five was a newcomer like me who'd been spurred into Doing Something by the election. In contrast, they were very organized, and very focused on consolidating the gains they'd made this election, and increasing them in 2018. Our district runs right through the middle of Phoenix, and is very reliably blue, but voter turnout is very low -- if we can change that, it's got serious implications for statewide elections. Despite going the wrong way on the presidential level, there were some genuine hopeful signs in Arizona this time. We managed to get rid of the odious Joe Arpaio at last, and we increased the number of Democrats in the State legislature, and we took the Maricopa County Recorder's office away from Helen Purcell, who's held it since God was in diapers, and who's been a serious impediment to Democratic GOTV efforts. (She's the one responsible for the six-hour waits to vote during the primaries.) The people in charge seemed to have a lot of energy and concrete plans not just for our district, but for the state, which is just the sort of thing I want to get involved in right now. As long as I can do something which doesn't involve cold-calling or going door to door. :P

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I dreamed about my father last night. I don't dream about him often; he died when I was sixteen, of the same cancer that took my sister last year. On the rare occasions that I do, it's usually an anxiety dream about the last days of his illness. But last night was a little different. I don't remember a lot of the details now, but I remember that in the dream Kathy and I were going somewhere in a strange city, and she'd gotten a block or two ahead of me somehow. Suddenly my father appeared from around a corner, and said he'd drive me to catch up with her.

I could tell he was sick. Not last-days sick, but last-few-years sick: frail and easily tired. I wondered if I should drive, but decided that it would be better for his pride to let him, since he'd offered. I put my arm around him, and he put his around me, and I could feel him shaking a little. But he looked... happy. At peace. I asked him how he felt, and he said, "I'm hopeful." We started to walk to the car, and I asked him if he'd ever been to New York before (I guess the city we were in was New York.) He said yes, and I said I hadn't been since I was a teenager, and went to visit my aunt. (Which isn't true in the real world; I went there again a couple of years ago.) We walked together towards the car, talking about New York, and I woke up.

It doesn't sound like it when I describe it like that, but it was a strangely uplifting dream.

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We went over to the rusty stuff place this weekend and I got some stuff and made these for the front porch:

DSC01317.JPG DSC01316.JPG

DSC01319.JPG DSC01318.JPG

I like the way it came out. Sort of techno-ferns.

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