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Sadly, the Halloween party we were going to got cancelled, so now we are all dressed up with no place to go, so to speak. We were half inclined to see if there are any random open to the public parties going on, just because we don't want to waste these costumes, darn it. At worst, we'll wear 'em for the benefit of any trick or treaters we get.

Other bad news: the bathroom we had remodeled last year has termites. Luckily we have a thing where we pay Truly Nolen protection money a yearly fee and they take care of anything like that for greatly reduced cost. The guy who came out to look at it shook his head and told me that we should have had them come out and treat the wood when we had the remodeling done, which, yeah, I realize NOW. They're coming back in a couple of weeks to kill them all dead.

Over at Mom's place I'm dealing with getting estimates for removing old asbestos bathroom tiles. Mom is balking at leaving the house for the two days it will take to remove them. Sigh.

My sister did get into one of the clinical trials she applied for (yay). However, the drug they're testing made her violently nauseated, to the point that she had to be hospitalized. (Boo.) She's decided to keep trying, and next time they'll load her up with anti-nausea meds before giving it to her.

Work has been hellishly busy and shows no signs of letting up. I've been working overtime for the last three weeks and have had no time or energy to write. I've managed to start my Spook Me entry, but I doubt I'll finish it in time. (I am missing the whole thing, but if you haven't been reading the Halloween Challenge fics over at sb_fag_ends go thou and read posthaste, for verily they are awesome!)

So everything kinda sucks, now that I write it all out. Huh.

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Crafty stuff

So I decided to make myself a weapon to go with my steampunk adventurer Halloween costume. If you google "DIY steampunk gun" you will find tutorials for converting ordinary Nerf guns or water pistols into marvels of intricate art. This is NOT a marvel of intricate art. But for a first and rather half-assed effort, it came out reasonably well.

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Well, hot damn

Today is our wedding anniversary, and Kathy and I are finally legal in our home state.

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Various and sundry topics

Kathy came home from Vegas with some sort of creeping grot, and has been more or less out for the count all week. I seem to have come down with a milder version, just enough to make me tired and snuffly, not enough to justify taking time off. Not that I can afford to do that right now; there are too many things due yesterday.

I've been considering going through my old posts and putting more of the meta stuff up on AO3 – I think I have most of the really important Barbverse-specific stuff up there now, but there are a lot of other meditations on the 'verse and on writing fanfic in general that I could maybe put together as chapters in a single post. Have to see how easy it is to find them all. At one point I tried to go back and tag all the posts I made before tags were added, but there were a lot of them, and I think there's several years' worth of untagged stuff still.

But anyway, I was trawling through my meta tag, and through rough drafts I'd saved on my hard drive, and re-reading old posts to see if they were worth reposting. It was a strange experience; all kinds of casual references to things going on in fandom that I'd entirely forgotten. There were a few places where I just had to laugh at my younger self – in particular, an excerpt from what I think was an email to evil_little_dog, written at some point between seasons six and seven of BtVS, where it sounded as if she must have voiced some objection to people who wrote white-picket-fence-with-2.5-adorable-moppets domestic Buffy/Spike fluff, and I agreed that those stories were usually awful.

I also found some S6/7 Buffy/Spike meta that I wrote and I'm fairly sure I never posted. I wanted to get it down for my own satisfaction, but I didn't want to stir up wank again after the S8 kerfuffles. It's not quite finished, but it's not far from it. Not sure if it's worth finishing; there's nothing brilliant or groundbreaking in it, and it's nothing I haven't said in bits and pieces elsewhere.

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Re: Gotham – Lamont and Cranston. Heeeeeee. I wonder how many younger viewers caught that one. I am really enjoying this series. Lone vigilantes are fun, but I also have a fondness for protagonists like Gordon who understand why we have the rule of law, however flawed and imperfect it may be, and why upholding that rule is important, even when it may seem futile.

On the other side of the law...I read Steven Brust's latest Vlad Taltos book, Hawk, the other day, and was extremely pleased with it. Very minor spoilersCollapse )

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oh, right, a title

Kathy's in Las Vegas for the weekend and I'm probably going to be working the whole weekend anyway. Thousands of things due next week, and the technical issues we've been having are still not resolved; everything is slooooooooow. Under normal circumstances, I could have gotten this stuff done in three or four hours, but it's taken me all day, and will take some of tomorrow, too.

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I managed to get another few hundred words done on POM Chapter 13. This is the chapter where Spike and Buffy have a big fight over the minions, and I'm having to do some revisions, because in my original outline, this was the chapter where Evie killed Gib Cain and Buffy staked her, and that was what precipitated the fight. But I decided a number of years ago that I wanted Evie to survive this chapter, so I have to make some adjustments. Which actually end up making the fight more interesting, as it allows me to bring up some points that the original version didn't.

Having skimmed yet another Tumblr essay along the lines of "Spike is my favorite character except I know he's terrible and and a complete asshole and deserves no credit for anything he did without a soul and really he's awful and problematic and please don't hate me," I'm kind of sorry I never made one of those "Spike Fan - No Apologies" icons back when they were all the rage in 2003 or whenever it was. I didn't then because everyone had one and they got kind of annoying, but there are times when I am severely tempted to break one out now.

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I post, therefore I am

Yesterday was... interesting. We knew there was a storm coming in, supposedly, but the morning was bright and mostly clear, so I got up and got the front yard mowed, and spent half an hour or so scraping the Bermuda grass out of the cracks in the sidewalk. Which may not sound like much, but what it entails (because I let it go for so long) is these mats of grass which accumulate dirt which allows then to grow more roots which allows them to spread out on top of the concrete, which allows them to accumulate more dirt... yeah, anyway, it was a mat of grass about eight feet long and a foot and a half wide, and my shoulders are a little sore. But I digress.

After the yard work we decided to go run some errands, and while we were out, the storm hit. I should have turned around and gone home, but I was on a roll collecting items for my Halloween costume (a vaguely steampunkish explorer type thing). So we kept going, and all of a sudden we're in the middle of sixty to seventy mile an hour winds and pouring rain and trees snapping like matchsticks in the mall parking lot. We found a parking space far away from any trees, figuring we could wait out the storm in the Last Chance store, but as Kathy was getting out of the car, the wind pulled the door out of her hands, and it dinged the car next to us. Whose driver was sitting in it. :facepalm: So I had to huddle there in the pouring rain giving him my insurance info. I hope to hell this doesn't make my rates go up again; the last accident I was in was totally my fault and I accept the consequences, but this really wasn't my fault at all. (Unless you count the 'should have turned around and gone home' part.) Dammit.

I did find a pair of stylish yet affordable boots. They weren't exactly what I wanted for the costume, but I like them just as boots. Which is a good thing, because we went to Ross this morning and I found the Perfect Boots for the costume. On the downside, something bled when I washed the silk shirt I found at Goodwill for the costume, and it ended up with pink stains all over it. So I have to find some Rit dye remover and see if I can fix that. I really like the shirt. (I really like this costume in general; it's turning out to be something I think I'll be able to wear for much more than just Halloween.)

And then I came home and wrote some vampire porn, the end.

Liked Doctor Who this week. It seems like they're hanging a lantern on Twelve's weird antipathy for soldiers, so I have some hope something interesting will happen with it. (Even though I still think it doesn't make a lot of sense.)

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Fic: Wearing the Coat, Buffy/Spike NC17

Wearing the Coat
Barb C

Rating: NC17
Pairing/Characters: Buffy Spike
Summary: Buffy and Spike clean closets. No, that's not it. Buffy and Spike try on clothes. No, that's not quite right either. Buffy and Spike have sex. That's it!
Notes: This story takes place in the same universe as "Raising In the Sun," "Necessary Evils," and "A Parliament of Monsters." It takes place approximately seven or eight months after "Roman Holiday" and "Three Coins In the Fountain," and contains spoilers for previous stories in the series.

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Friday randomness

So I've been noodling around with more schmoopy older!Spuffy PWVLP (Porn With Very Little Plot) for a couple of days, and it occurred to me that one reason I succumb to the siren urge to write it (aside from it being comfort fic for me) is that I know what's coming for the characters. I know exactly how and when Barbverse Buffy and Spike die; I wrote that story a long time ago, and it's chock-full of angst and tragic irony and allusions to Le Morte d'Arthur and stuff. Their story ends on a bittersweet note at best; with some hope, but no certainty. (And that was exactly the note I wanted to hit, so I've very deliberately avoided speculating even to myself about What Happens Next.)

Any post-retirement fluff is therefore written in the knowledge that they've only got a limited number of years left before their heroic but no less final deaths. So if they want to have fun, hell, I'm gonna let them.

Other things:

Stuff on Mom's loan proceeds slowly, but it proceeds.

Dear IT Dept: I understand that there are good reasons you had to switch from a bunch of little servers to a few big ones at the exact same time you did our Major Software Upgrade. I'm just saying that next time, maybe a "Hey, we made a bunch of hardware changes too, and we're going to be rebalancing server loads for the next couple of weeks, so don't freak out at all the slowness and weird errors you're going to be getting, it's (mostly) not the new software's fault!" would not be amiss?

Kathy's been sickish for the last couple of days, and hopefully I will not catch it just in time for the weekend. /random

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Some Barbverse Spuffy art

I haven't done any sketching in awhile, so this is fairly crappy, but since I've been writing about older Buffy and Spike of late, I got the urge to draw them as well. This is what Barbverse Buffy and Spike look like in their sixties:

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Re: BtVS S9 Issue 7

Guys... I am... what is this weird feeling?

I'm...I'm enjoying this issue. Not just "This is OK," or "I guess it could be worse." I... I liked it!

I'm scared. Somebody hold me!

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