October 7th, 2012


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So I was thinking gloomily the other day about how the tropey AUs that really take off are always ones that either bore me or skeeve me or both, and wishing that just occasionally, fandom would be overtaken with a wild passion for, say, daemon AUs. (Fusions with Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, in which a person's soul has a physical manifestation as an animal. Though it could also be a Zoo City fusion if you want to go darker, where only people who have committed violent crimes get spirit animals.)

The big problem with that sort of AU, and probably the reason why it's not as popular (other than that it doesn't particularly lend itself to writing lots of D/s slash) is that it's not in and of itself a generator of conflict. People have spirit animals! Yay! Now what? The Zoo City version is better in that respect because getting a spirit animal by definition means that your character has done some serious bad stuff, and there will probably be consequences, but not everyone wants to write about an ex-(or current)murderer.

But it is fun making lists of what daemons you think that a given character would have, and considering facets that Pullman didn't address - as for example, men have female daemons and women have male daemons in the books, but would a gay man or woman have a daemon of the same sex? Would a trans person have a daemon whose gender complemented their physical body, or the gender they feel themselves to be? Are people with dog daemons really servile by nature, or is this just the classism of Lyra's culture talking? What do people do if their daemon settles in a form with very specific environmental requirements - like, what if you live in Cleveland, and your daemon settles as a Pacific salmon?

For Buffyverse characters, obviously vampires would have no daemons. Angel and Spike would get their daemons back when ensouled - but what about other types of demon? What about Anya? If Lorne had a daemon, would it be some kind of Pylean critter? If I were doing Barbverse Spike, what, if anything, would he have post-Mohra blood?

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Back in the real world

Kathy's off to Dallas for a week. I'm going to try to get some writing done, but it's hard when this CAT KEEPS SITTING ON MY FACE.

I'm applying for a new position at work, but due to various factor the job may not even be posted for another month, so the powers that be have managed to wrangle Business Objects licenses for those of us who will be applying, and set us to doing some of the stuff we'd be doing if we get the job. No one's calling it a try-out, but. I'm hoping that the SQL experience I've gotten messing around in Access for the last three years will give me a leg up on learning BOb faster than the other applicants, but we'll see. There's also the worry that even if I get it, it will be disappeared or transferred to National in the course of the organization's ongoing merge, but pretty much every position is open to that worry at the minute.

Bo is very concerned that Kathy is missing. He's going to be bugging me all week to go look for her, I know it...

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