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Just grumpy. I've had interviews at five places so far, and have a sixth scheduled for this Friday. Three of them have given me the "Thanks for applying, but we're going with someone else." The fourth one hasn't definitively dumped me yet, but they are really looking for someone with skills I don't have, so I expect them to do so any day.

The fifth one is actually the position I applied for at the old place, shortly before we were laid off. They're supposed to make their final decision this week, so fingers crossed. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I can't help doing so a little bit, because the interviewer kept telling me how glad she was to hear I still wanted to work there, and one of the other people who was hired for this team was someone I worked with occasionally in my old role, who apparently had good things to say about me. If I don't get this one under those circumstances, it's going to be REALLY depressing. Regardless, I'm not going to send out any more resumes until after New Years, because we're going to be out of town for most of that time anyway. (I'd actually stopped sending them out two weeks ago, because I didn't want to be interviewing right up to Christmas, but #6 surprised me. I gave them Friday as a good contact time because if I get good news about #5, I can just tell them sorry and cancel, and if I don't get good news about #5, then knowing I've got something else in the pipeline will hopefully keep me from being to cranky to live with on the trip. Kathy's mom is coming to see us Saturday, and we're going to drive up to Williams on Monday, take the train to the Grand Canyon on Tuesday, stay there over Christmas and come home Thursday. It will be cold, but it should be fun.

We'd scheduled Bo to have his teeth cleaned when we board him for the Canyon trip, but if I don't get positive news about #5 by Friday, I'm going to cancel that. It's not an absolute necessity, and it's just too expensive right now.

I managed to write another 1500 words of POM chapter 14 -- very rough, and I need to revise the crap out of it, but it's one more annoying transitional scene down. I have one more transitional scene to slog through, and then it's ACTION SCENES FROM HERE ON OUT WOOHOO!

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