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Hot water!

I'd intended to try posting more this month, as December was sadly fallow, but I've been distracted by the attempted coup. :/

Our wonky water heater has finally been replaced – we'd nursed it along for as long as we could, but it was getting harder and harder to deal with, so we finally bit the bullet. We were going to have our regular plumber do it, but they quoted a price that made my eyes cross, so I found a small company that specializes in tankless water heaters and nothing else, which gave me a quote for a third less. So we have a shiny new heater with a good warranty, and we can run the hot water for as long as we want, woohoo!

I made a raised flower bed for bulbs, and am waiting for the bulbs to come up. I ordered them late (planting for spring bulbs in this zone is September through January, and I didn't get mine in the ground until this month) so I probably won't see anything for another couple of weeks, sigh.

We were informed at work that as employees of a health care company, we're eligible to sign up for covid vaccines. However, I work in an office, with minimal contact with other employees, and no patient contact at all. And I'm not in any of the high risk categories, so it seems pointless for me to get one when there are so many people who need it more. Besides, the appointments to get them are backed up for a month or more, so meh. comment count unavailable Rants Talk to me
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