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Woo and perhaps a hoo

So the vet called today, and to make a long story short, Valentine's* second test came back negative. So we gave him an official name, and I think we will be keeping him. He will have to stay in quarantine for at least another week, because of the respiratory infection. Apparently the kind of negative Valentine got is a possible indication that he may have had a less virulent strain of feline leukemia. I didn't even know there were less virulent strains, but apparently some of them are serious but survivable, like valley fever, rather than an inevitable death sentence. Anyway, out of an abundance of caution, the vet wants us to bring in the other three cats and get their feline leukemia vaccinations up to date before we bring him into the house. But since I've been bracing myself for the worst, all that seems eminently dealable.

*We figured that since we'll be spending all our money for the next few weeks on shots, neutering, etc., we might as well say he's our Valentine's present.

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