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I had intended to do many things today, but we had a cold snap, and a lot of wind, so many of them did not get done. Luckily we managed to get 85% of the water sealing in the back yard done (all of the tiki bar, and the boards in the two gates) done Saturday. We still have to do the clothesline, but hopefully next weekend will be a little more temperate.

Valentine is still kind of sneezy, but the vet said that it's very unlikely he's still contagious, so we've been introducing him to the other animals. He LOVES Bo -- he'll rub up against his legs, and lie down next to him. The other cats are a little more fraught -- there has been some minor hissing, batting, and chasing, but so far, it's going really well. We are only letting him inside for short periods; I don't want to bring him in fulltime until he's been neutered, which will be another week or so. In the meantime, he's still living in Chez Quarantine, and we let him out in the back yard (under supervision -- he's shown no signs of wanting to leave the yard, but, well, cats), or bring him inside, several times a day.

Seeing him next to the other cats, he's quite small. We're not totally sure if he's still got some growing to do, or if he's full-grown but stunted. His legs are very short. Not Munchkin-short, but definitely stubby in comparison to the other cats; if he had normal-length legs, he'd be about Cairo's size, but he's only about 2/3rds Cairo's height. (Cairo was about a 11-lb cat when he was younger; Valentine is currently 7.5 lbs. He was only about 5 lbs when we found him, severely underweight.)

I have my first yearly review next week. Fingers crossed. So far my boss seemed fairly pleased with my work, but I always fret over this stuff.

One interesting note -- at a meeting last week, one of my co-workers was demonstrating the flu dashboard that they maintain. It tracks the last several years of company flu data -- how many flu-related claims, how many shots we gave, etc. It covers the last four flu seasons. The previous three seasons look like three vast mountains on the graph. The current one? A teeny, barely visible, flattened-out lump. Flu is less transmissible than covid; measures designed to slow down covid stop flu dead in its tracks. So anyone who says that masks and social distancing don't do anything can suck it; data says otherwise. comment count unavailable Rants Talk to me
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