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Hello and goodbye

Hello to the new fridge, which fits perfectly. (Though Kathy said the delivery guy did have to take both the handles off the fridge, and the front door off its hinges, to get it inside. We're betting that the Costco delivery guy didn't want to go to all that trouble.)

And goodbye to Cairo. :( He was twenty-two years old this year, a very good run for a cat. For the last couple of years his health has been slowly but steadily declining: arthritis, thyroid and kidney issues, etc. He's lost a lot of weight, and while still alert, it's obviously painful for him to get around. A couple of days ago, he stopped eating. We waited a day to see if he was just feeling under the weather, but today he started wandering around the house, and eventually curled up in a corner (not one of his usual sleeping spots). Kathy set up a vet appointment for him, and we took him in this afternoon. The verdict, as we suspected, was just "He's old." The vet said they could try this that or the other that might perk him up for a day or a week, but at this point, anything they did would be prolonging the inevitable. So we decided it was better to send him off before he got really bad, and said goodbye.

Little Bit doesn't give a hoot about other cats and Valentine is too new to have gotten attached, but Churro has been wandering around the house sniffing at Cairo's favorite spots, looking for him. Churro was the one who noticed Ma-San had gone, too. He hassled them both unmercifully, but it was because he was interested in them (an interest which was usually not, alas, returned.) comment count unavailable Rants Talk to me
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